Wake up 15-minutes earlier

I enrolled in Early to Rise University. It’s a three-week course that promises to help you develop a millionaire morning routine; making you more productive, in less time. Whether this program really works (separate post on my experience coming), or if it is just another money grab promising nothing but fluff, is still to be determined.

But one trick that has given me instant results just three days into the program.

Start every morning with a win

On the very first day of the program, my homework was to wake up 15-minutes earlier and use those 15-minutes to work on my number one priority in my life.

I have to say, it was pretty amazing. Not only did I finish a piece of homework that I would likely have waited ’til the last minute to do otherwise, but I felt great for the rest of the morning.

Not only did I feel more productive, but I was in a better mood with more energy.

I am not a morning person. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t advise talking to me within my first hour of waking.

But whether it was the promise of a ‘millionaire-like’ morning, or just the satisfaction of doing something I ordinarily wouldn’t have, I felt great.

I am now on Day 3 of Early to Rise University, and I’m writing this blog post at 6AM, and I’ve been up for an hour. I’ve already accomplished more today than I would’ve normally before noon.

So, try it yourself. Tomorrow, wake up just 15 minutes earlier than normal, and do something productive. Start your day with a win and let that momentum carry you to a successful day.