Take charge of your life

The first step to achieving your potential is to take charge of your life. The people that consistently fall short of their goals are usually the people who are quickest to tell you it wasn’t their fault. To truly achieve what you want to achieve, the first step is to admit to yourself that youContinue reading “Take charge of your life”

Wake up 15-minutes earlier

I enrolled in Early to Rise University. It’s a three-week course that promises to help you develop a millionaire morning routine; making you more productive, in less time. Whether this program really works (separate post on my experience coming), or if it is just another money grab promising nothing but fluff, is still to beContinue reading “Wake up 15-minutes earlier”

You have 99 potential

Anyone familiar with the sports genre of video games has an idea of what having 99 potential means. Most sports video games max out their attributes at 99, so a player with 99 potential has what it takes to be a hall-of-famer; or heck, even the greatest to ever play. Nobody can have higher thanContinue reading “You have 99 potential”