You have 99 potential

Anyone familiar with the sports genre of video games has an idea of what having 99 potential means. Most sports video games max out their attributes at 99, so a player with 99 potential has what it takes to be a hall-of-famer; or heck, even the greatest to ever play. Nobody can have higher than 99 potential. But potential alone doesn’t make a player great; it means a player could be great. For every 99 potential player who became great, there are ten 99 potential players who nobody remembers.

I believe that the same logic can be applied in all forms of life. The difference is that while only a few athletes have 99 potential, I believe every human being has 99 potential. Not everyone who picks up a baseball can be Alex Rodriguez, but everyone who is born can be somebody. Another key difference is that for every one person who becomes great, there are millions who nobody will ever know.

You have 99 potential. This blog seeks to help you capture that potential and be the best version of yourself. The first step to becoming your best is to realize that there is greatness inside of you.

Paint a picture in your head of the version of you that you want to be. Be sure it is you, not someone else. You will never be a better Bill Gates than Bill Gates, but you can be the best version of [insert your name here]. Now use that picture to guide your day-to-day actions. Have that picture in the back of your head while you read this blog. The knowledge to being great is already inside of you.

We just have to get it out.